How it works

Free Sample

  1. You send the document, or a representative sample of at least 1,000 words, in Microsoft Word or a compatible format. If possible, please also provide details of the style and referencing guidelines of the institution or publication.   
  2. As soon as possible, usually within 24 hours, I return a short edited section of your text with full mark-up, completely free of charge and without obligation, with an explanation of the work required to edit the whole document, the time I will need to complete it, and the price. 
  3. If you confirm that you would like to proceed, I complete the editing by the agreed deadline.
  4. On receipt of payment, I return the edited document with comments and any questions.
  5. Usually, the edited text will include some questions. As soon as I receive your responses, I make the final changes necessary. This stage of the work is included in the original price quoted.

Why not simply charge by the number of words?


Charging by the number of words is unfair and inefficient.  Clients whose work requires little correction would pay too much, while there would be no flexibility to allow for the substantial restructuring and extensive correction required by others.  No two documents are the same: some require considerable intervention; others are almost perfect.   


I offer a complete service, not just proofreading.   I do whatever is necessary to bring your document up to the highest academic standards, and that is reflected in the price I quote.  Choosing a cheaper option may be a waste of money or worse: I have often been asked at short notice to rescue a document that has been inadequately proofread by a client's friend or a cut-price proofreader.


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